Lifelong Green Day fans have joined forces to create Know Your Enemy, the most authentic sounding Green Day Tribute Band in Western Australia.


Green Day is one of the greatest rock bands of all time, forming in 1986. They were one of the few bands to have been inducted into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility and it’s not hard to see why - the bands history spans 3 decades with countless hits!

Know Your Enemy go to great lengths to capture the sound, look and energy of a Green Day concert with a massive, action packed 2 hour live show of hits from Green Day’s extensive back catalogue, including classics such as BASKET CASE | LONGVIEW | WELCOME TO PARADISE | MINORITY | WARNING | AMERICAN IDIOT | HOLIDAY | 21 GUNS | BANG BANG | WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS | GOOD RIDDANCE (TIME OF YOUR LIFE) and many, many more...



// Jason White

Lead Guitar / B. Vox


This young gun guitarist is already making a name for himself
in the Perth scene with his original rock band, Heligan, the duo
Antisocial Butterfly and as lead guitarist for the 4 Horsemen
Metallica Tribute. He has also just finished a stint with the Stand
& Deliver 80’s Tribute at Crown. We are sure we’ll lose him in the
future to bigger and brighter things, but for now Miles will play the
part of Jason White in Know Your Enemy.


// BIllie-Joe Armstrong

Vocals / Guitar


Born and raised in Melbourne, Mark has been singing
internationally and professionally for over 10 years. From
performing at Universal Studios in Singapore, to cruise ships all
around the world, he now calls Perth home and is happy to be
belting out the tunes to one of the greatest bands that he grew up
listening to.


// Mike Dirnt

Bass Guitar / B. Vox


A veteran punk rocker, In the mid 90’s Paul was the bass player for
UK hardcore punk band SCRAPER, regularly touring the UK.
SCRAPER’s 1996 album received critical acclaim, including 4/5 in
Kerrang! and 4.5/5 in Terroriser magazine. He was also a founding
member of Melbourne punk band Doomsday Saints. In Perth, he is known for his bass work with Perth's INXS
Tribute Band and Black Vinyl (UK Tribute).


// Tre Cool

Drums / B. Vox


Originally from Liverpool, UK, Phil cut his teeth in the Merseyside
scene before escaping to the Perth sunset coast. He has been
playing drums with bands around Perth for more than ten years,
most recently as a member of Black Vinyl (UK Tribute) and
previously with Anthem, Hot Tin Roof, The Project and as back up
sticks-man for Perth corporate band A Casual Affair.



// Violin

Declan frequently joins us on-stage to add the violin parts to Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) and several other songs in the set.